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Why Organic Makeup?

In recent times, we hear the term “organic” used prolifically.  What does organic truly mean?

Organic means that it is derived from living matter.  More specifically it has come to imply that the living matter is in its purest form without harmful herbicides and pesticides and not genetically modified.  Organic plants contain natural nutrients that are not found in chemical compounds.  Scientist have found that our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. 

In the cosmetic industry, this means our skin is absorbing either nutrients and beneficial vitamins and minerals from organic ingredients or harmful, toxic chemicals found in pesticides and chemical compounds.  Traditional cosmetics can contain chemicals that promote skin irritation and allergies in sensitive skin.  They can also contain parabens and phthalates that have been linked to diseases such as cancer.  Meanwhile, organic cosmetics are nutrient rich.  Cocoa butter for example, has essential fatty acids that promote youthful skin.  Beneficial anti-oxidants can also be found in pomegranate seeds and other extracts.  

Why choose organic instead of traditional cosmetics? The answer is simple.  We all deserve to be our healthiest and most beautiful selves.  At Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques it is our goal to offer women of all ages organic cosmetics that promote health and allow each woman to find her own beauty.

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